Machines Lifecycle Management

A full support to manage the entire machines lifecycle

We are specialized in refilling and customization in-store  machines. We help you all along your project, taking care of the entire lifecycle tkanks to our years of experience.

With you at every step of the lifecycle management

Consulting / Sourcing

PM2S advices you to build up your in-store equipments projects and strategy on a large scale. You can rely on our 14 years of experience to source the best machine for you, customize it according to your needs and advice you all along the lifecycle.

Installation / Deployment

We install pilot machines in your stores and gives you feedbacks to evaluate the test phase of your projects. Then we deploy your equipments all around the world and train your collaborators. PM2S can also modify existing machines to make them compliant with your sustainable development objectives.


We intervene according to the maintenance plan built together. The responsiveness of our logistic service and our high qualified technicians network allow us to be quickly on site. PM2S monitors your machine-park and gives you useful data report to measure your performances.​


We refurbish worn-out machines to put them back in your commercial distribution network. In that way, we extend the lifecycle of your equipments and reduce your global footprint.


We retire and dismantle your machines to valued spare parts. We recycle the rest in partnership with specialists of the sector. Hence, you control every aspects of your machines lifecycle and can communicate in total transparency to your end-customers.

Expert in maintenance​


Incident Management / Remote Control​


Spare-parts shipment worldwide ​


Maintenance network of + 40 partners


Feedback / Data reports​

PM2S's Worldwide Maintenance Network

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