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Fujifilm Frontier LP5000 / LP5500 / LP5700 / LP7100 / LP7700 / SP3000 [Reconditioned]

Outstanding image quality with exceptional printing and image processing technologies that only Fujifilm can offer; very high productivity allows up to 2040 prints per hour*. Ensure your customers come back to you again and again by offering ultra-fast finishing and the highest quality digital image prints.

* for the Frontier LP5700R

Download the technical sheets :

FR : LP5000 / LP5500-5700 / LP7100 / LP7700

EN : LP5000 / LP5500-5700 / LP7100-7700

ZBE Chromira™ 5x ProLab [Reconditioned]

The Chromira 5x ProLab is a fully integrated, professional 30″ digital printer/processor lab system that automatically nests, sorts, back-prints, cuts, and collates package orders of small prints, larger prints, and murals with perfectly color-matched, flawless results.

ProLab prints stunning digital images from 3×5 inches to 30 in. x 35 ft. from one roll of 30 inch media ensuring perfect color matching, simple operation, reduced inventory keeping, and low waste.

The ProLab uses state-of-the-art, award-winning, and patented LED technology to create beautiful, high quality prints. It images on any RA-4 media and surface, including backlit display films.

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