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Nocai UV0609

Compared to 4 colours, 6 colours (CMYKLCLM&W&V) allow for gentle shading while maintaining high resolution. In addition, you can take advantage of the white and varnish to print on transparent materials as a substrate, treating the glossy or matte effect to meet diverse needs.

The electric cylindrical template allows for the printing of revolutionary objects such as bottles, flasks and cups. The printing diameter is from 30 to 120 mm, which allows to meet the customisation needs on many products.

The 3 print heads (CMYKLCLM&W&V) print simultaneously, producing 3D embossing and multi-layer transparent relief effects, including gloss and matt finishes.

High performance ink for creating colourful applications: UV ink is environmentally friendly and offers excellent colour development and afterglow. The ultraviolet radiation enables high-quality colours to be fixed with a high degree of adhesion on a wide range of substrates.

Download the technical sheet : Nocai UV0609

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